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Umsatzsteigerung durch Technologie

1. Increased returns

With HomeFeelio, you benefit from our expertise in return optimization. Today, our clients, who changed from another property manager to us, earn up to 24% more revenue in their first year.

We list your property with meaningful HD photographs and object descriptions on all booking platforms on which vacationers are looking for holiday accommodation, such as on Airbnb,, FeWo-direkt and Traum-Ferienwohnungen.

As soon as your property is online, our industry-leading pricing technology, based on a variety of factors, such as weather, local events or historical trends, updates the nightly rates of your property weekly. In that way, it is booked at the optimal price. Find out how much your property can earn!

Umsatzsteigerung durch Technologie
Niedrige Gebühren

2. Attractive fee

There are no hidden costs with us! HomeFeelio takes an all-inclusive fee of 19% including VAT on the gross rental income. This makes us the transparent price leader in the European holiday property management market.

However, this does not mean that our range of services is limited compared to other property managers. Actually, it is the opposite! Due to our digital and technological approach as well as our efficient processes, it is possible for us to charge a very low fee. In the end, we are very happy that our customers profit even more!

Volle Flexibilität

3. Top quality standards

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. In order to meet this requirement, we carefully select our local facility managers, that meet the highest quality standards.

Therefore, the selection and support of outstanding facility managers is one of the most important services offered to you. Your property will be managed locally by selected, high quality facility managers to whom individual homeowners have no access.

Volle Flexibilität
Höchste Qualität

4. Unlimited flexibility

We would like to become your long-term partner. Therefore, we believe that we have to earn your trust every day anew and do not bind you to a long-term contract. We are the first property manager in the market that allows you to cancel on a monthly basis.

You can also decide for yourself when and for how long you would like to use your property for your own vacation. Just let us know so that we can block the period for you.

Maximale Transparenz

5. Absolute transparency

You will receive regular reports from us on the most important facts about your holiday accommodation. We will send you a monthly summary with information on return, occupancy rate and bookings. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to log into your personal online account. Here, you can find all relevant information at any time.

Maximale Transparenz
Maximale Nachhaltigkeit

6. Maximum sustainability

As an active company in the tourism industry, we care a lot about bodies of waters such as the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Therefore, we donate money for each newly acquired property to "The Ocean Cleanup" initiative. The initiative participates in the cleaning of seas and rivers through various activities and technologies. This initiative is close to our hearts and we are happy to be able to make a small contribution.

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Frequently asked questions

You benefit from our expertise to increase your capa­city utilization through selected booking channels such as Airbnb, oder especially in the off season.

With our professional HD-photography, we set your property apart from the crowd - meaning­ful pictures increase the probability of bookings drastically.

Our industry-leading pricing technology updates your holiday properties’ rates several times a week by in­cluding a variety of factors such as weather, local events and historical trends. In that way, it is booked at the optimal price. On average, holiday property owners who take advan­tage of our expertise earn 24% more in their first year. Find out how much your holiday property can earn!

HomeFeelio cooperates with local facility managers in your region. Hereby, our partners are subject to high quality standards and know how to meet the increasing expectations of vacationers - in main and off season.

We believe that we must earn your trust every day anew. Hence, we do not tie you to a long-term contract. You can cancel monthly.

If you already have proven partners on site, such as cleaning staff, janitors or craftsmen, we will be happy to work with them. We integrate the existing partners into our HomeFeelio processes and coordinate with them.

For HomeFeelio, digital means using technologies to make holiday property management more transparent, convenient and efficient for you. Is it still appropriate to set a one price for the high season and another for the low season and never question them? Or to manually change individual advertisements on different platforms? With our dynamic and data-driven pricing technology inspired by the hotel and aviation industry and our automated, parallel advertising on different booking platforms, these problems are a thing of the past.

HomeFeelio is the first German holiday property management company dedicated to increasing returns. This means that we don't just do service by the book, but question the status quo. Not only the status quo of your property, but also of ours and of the entire industry. HomeFeelio identifies problem areas and develops solutions based on sound data. In this way we can achieve both an increase in turnover and cost reductions - which benefits you as the owner.

No, we are not just a holiday property rental agency, but a complete property manager. HomeFeelio knows that for many holiday property owners it is a challenge to manage the operational side of things on site. HomeFeelio as a holiday property manager does not want to let its customers down and coordinates basic and final cleaning services, laundry service and janitor services. Marketing, management, support - a seamless experience from a single provider and with just one contact person for you.

No, we do not replace a WEG property manager. In contrast to a WEG property manager, we only take care of your holiday accommodation. Our administrative services only apply to individual apartments. That is why HomeFeelio is positioned to complement the WEG administrators and is happy to work closely with them.

HomeFeelio charges 15% commission on the gross rental income and is therefore the price leader in Germany.

Cleary not. We are aware of the responsibility you entrust us with and appreciate your trust. Therefore only the best service is good enough. We want to live up to this claim. As a technology-driven holiday property manager, HomeFeelio can simplify, automate and make processes, that previously required manual effort, more efficient . In this way, we can charge a low commission and at the same time create even more value for you.

No, there is no monthly lump sum that you have to pay additionally. There is only the 15% plus VAT on your gross rental income.

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